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Frequently Asked Questions

Every day, we receive dozens of inquiries about the ins-and-outs of financing a car and our application process. In an effort to answer your frequently asked questions and make the answers easy to find, we have developed this informative page. This page covers topics such as payment options, applications, relevant contact information, and much more.

Payment Options

Convenient Payment Options

When it’s time to make a loan payment with our automotive finance company, you have several options.

If you have questions about any of the payment options, call your Auto Loan Acceptance Corp. account representative at 1-800-584-9292 for more information.

payment options
online payments

Online Payments

Click here to make an online payment using credit cards, debits cards, or an electronic check. All online payments are processed through a third party so you must allow 48 hours for posting to your account. Payments submitted on or before your due date will be considered on time regardless of the time they are posted. A $5.00 convenience fee will be added to all payments made online.

Phone Payments

Phone payments, including check-by-phone, can ONLY be processed by calling ALAC at 1-800-584-9292. The selling dealership cannot accept phone payments directly. A $5.00 convenience fee will be added to all phone payments.

Auto Pay Is The Easy Way

The most convenient payment option available is Auto Pay. Scheduled electronic payments (ACH) can ONLY be processed by calling ALAC at 1-800-584-9292. You must also complete the required authorization forms to process payments from your savings or checking account. Click here for more information about Auto Pay.

In-Person Payments & Drop Box

All forms of payments (excluding cash) are accepted at any of the dealerships you purchased your car from if you financed through us. Drop Box payments (if applicable) are credited the next business day.

Payments By Mail

Personal checks, money orders, and cashier’s checks are accepted.  Mail to: ALAC 2415 N. Bakker Landing Avenue, Tea, SD 57064.  Please allow sufficient time because no grace period is given for mailing. Payments must be received by Auto Loan Acceptance Corp on or before the due date.

Mail Payoffs To

Auto Loan Acceptance Corp
2415 N. Bakker Landing Avenue
Tea, SD 57064

Military Allotment

Auto-Deduction for those in the military service. Allotment.net

Cash Payments

We DO NOT accept cash.

Late Payments

Late payment arrangements can ONLY be processed by calling your Auto Loan Acceptance Corp. account representative at 1-800-584-9292. The selling dealership cannot make payment arrangements on behalf of ALAC.

For more information about payment options, please call us toll-free at 1-888-338-1078. You may also contact us by clicking here.

warranty information

Proper Care and Maintenance

Regular maintenance is important to protect your vehicle.

  • Change oil at least every 3,000 miles or 3 months.
  • Check your tire pressure monthly, it may save gas.
  • When an issue might be occurring, we will be here to help.

If you experience a mechanical breakdown, we will do what we can to help you. Call 1-605-271-6220 for an authorized repair facility. You may also contact us by clicking here.

Time To Trade In My Car

A common question we get from customers, is “When can I trade in my car for another vehicle?" We are pleased to tell you that a very significant part of our business every month is from repeat customers.

The best thing to do is to bring your vehicle to any authorized dealer when the balance on your account gets down to about $3,000 or less. This way, they can appraise your vehicle and give you an idea if you can trade at that time.

Of course, if you have additional cash to put down with your trade-in, you will be able to trade even faster.

Trade In My Car

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Auto Loan Acceptance Corp is an auto finance company in Sioux Falls, South Dakota that specializes in second chances. Our car loan and finance company helps individuals with bad credit car financing, no credit, or troubled credit get approved.

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